Pickled Food

Marco Polo

Roasted Peppers with Garlic
Price: $3.49

Krakus Polich

Dill Pickles 887ml
Price: $3.99

Livada Baby

Pickles 100% Natural 680g
Price: $2.99

Bende Mixed

Salad 670g
Price: $2.99

Petra Grape

Leaves 454g
Price: $7.99

Vava Vegetable

Cocktail 1550g
Price: $7.99

Vava Fire

Roasted Red Peppers with Garlic
Price: $9.99

Vava Cabbage

Leaves 900g
Price: $5.59

Hina Sour

Cabbage Leaves 1700g
Price: $7.99

Vava Fefferoni

Price: $3.99

Vava Tomato

Peppers with Cheese 540g
Price: $7.49

Marco Polo

Sour Cherries 680g
Price: $4.99

Vava Cherry

Peppers with Cheese 100% Natural
Price: $8.99