Top Jerky Products (see all)

Beef Jerky — All Natural

All Natural Beef Jerky with all natural ingredients NO ADDITIVES 3.0 oz .

Beef Prosciutto Jerky

All natural ingredients, no additives. 3oz.

Beef Stick — All Natural

All Natural ingredients NO ADDITIVES Beef Stick 1.5oz aged and smoked over 7 days.

Dos Amigos Chorizo Spicy Jerky Stick

Dos Amigos Chorizo Jerky Spicy Stick 1.5oz aged and smoked for over 7  days.

Top Smoked Meat Products (see all)

Smoked Pork Kulen – svinjski kulen 1lb / 454g

Delicious cuts of pork blended with seasoning, cured and cold smoked to create mouth watering sausage.

Smoked Pork Bacon Pancetta 1lb / 454g

This hand-cured bacon comes from highest quality pork belly and cold smoked over hickory wood creating unique flavor and texture.

Top Cheese Products (see all)

Bulgarian Kashkaval Cheese 1000g

Called the “Cheddar cheese of the Balkans,” Kashkaval is a medium-hard, sheep’s milk cheese. A pantry staple in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, this versatile yellow cheese has a tangy, slightly salty and nutty flavor. Because of its semi-hard texture, Kashkaval is a natural for melting. It is a great addition to omelets, pizzas, lasagnas and cheese platters.

Bulgarian White Cheese (908g)

Bulgarian White Cheese is a pantry staple in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Made exclusively from sheep’s milk, Krinos Bulgarian White Cheese will remind you of Greek Feta. A touch tangier than traditional Feta, this delicious cheese is made with a yogurt culture. The result is a cheese with a creamy, crumbly texture and yogurt flavor overtones. Bulgarian White Cheese is traditionally used in savory Balkan pastries like Banitsa and is a core ingredient…

Valbreso French Feta Cheese

French Fetas are brined and aged in the same caves as the famous Roquefort Cheese, yielding a Feta with a mild Blue Cheese aftertaste. For Vabreso French Feta Cheese, we use high quality milk from the Lacaune breed of sheep that graze on the lush plateaus surrounding Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. The result is a milder and creamier cheese than a traditional Feta with a subtle tang and saltiness. A wonderful addition to a cheese platter or hors…

Travnicki Sir – Katun Cheese 28oz / 800g

If you grew up in one of the former Yugoslavian Republics, Travnicki Sir, a brined white cheese made from sheep, cow and/or goat’s milk, will remind you of home! Travnicki Sir (which translates to “cheese from Travnik”) is made exclusively in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the slopes of the Vlašic Mountain. At our founding in 2003, Katun established Eko Vlašic, an agricultural collaborative committed to protecting the cheesemaking region and practices that have been…

About Us

Appalachian Smoked Meat is a local family company that makes a variety of delectable and one of a kind smoked meat products. Our authentic process of smoking meat has been used for generations by the Balkan people. All meat is produced according to the HACCP standards and uses the most modern technology. We use only the highest quality local meat in our products and all meat is smoked with 100% hickory wood. Our family’s goal is to provide our customers with the best quality and flavor possible.

Our smoked cured meat products are assorted into five categories: cold smoked cured meat, cold smoked cured salami, smoked semi-dry meat, smoked semi-dry sausage and pri sliced cold cuts.